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Pokerstars VIP Club

Poker stars have been officially ranked as the best online site for online poker gaming based on almost any pokerstars review. This site makes it very useful for people to play poker online and no money is involved in most of the cases. There are of course places where you need to buy in gold […]

The diet of a poker player

If you aspire to play online poker actively or even to become a pro, then you must be in good shape. You will notice none of the top poker pros is obese or really fat (ok maybe the exception is Greg Raymer). Poker is a mind game, and all such games require a strong physic. […]


Macau, an administrative region of the PRC or People’s Republic of China lies on the delta of the River Pearl. The territory (which is a peninsula as well) is surrounded by the South China Sea, Hong Kong and Guangdong province at the northeast, east and south portion. The economy of this administrative territory depends mostly […]

Poker strategy

Being able to fold a hand You must learn to fold a hand to be a succesful player. Lets say you raise preflop with one of these hands AQ, AJ, AT, KQ, QJ, QT, JT. You make a standard raise and then get reraised by a player in later position. You will generally fold all […]

Gambling addiction

This article was written with the hope that it might help someone, maybe someone addicted to roulette or blackjack online. In order to do this, I’m going to share my personal stories and examine the 20 questions that Gamblers Anonymous uses to diagnose a compulsive gambler. First and foremost, I am a compulsive gambler. After […]