Getting Special Treatment from Poker Sites

Many poker sites have VIP programs, but not many actually treat many customers like very important persons. In the unlikely even that you end up in a serious dispute with a poker site, here are some tips to increase the likelihood that your customer service problem will be handled differently than the average customer.

  • Be calm, clear and concise in your communication with support people.
  • Be a frequent player on one site and have no history of misbehavior (chat bans, account suspensions, etc).
  • Have a blog or website. If you post about your problems on a blog, a site may be concerned about the public relations implications and help you out. Make sure to update any posts you make to reflect whether the issue was resolved or not.
  • Have a good reputation on TwoPlusTwo and post in the Internet Poker forum. Many poker sites have representatives who read the forum and help out users. If you have a good reputation on the forum, your side will be more believable and you might get help from other posters. Even if your poker forum of choice is not 2p2, I highly recommend maintaining an active account in good standing there. It is definitely the best forum to get the attention of people who have power in the poker world.
  • Offer regular feedback on the software, game options and other features in forums and other appropriate venues.
  • Contact the regulatory agency (usually found at the bottom of every poker site homepage) to report misconduct or to facilitate a resolution. Follow the first bullet point when doing this, and never threaten the poker site with this action. They hear this a lot, and usually it is an empty threat from disgruntled customers without a legitimate claim Just exhaust all other means first, and then go to the regulator.
  • Some poker sites are known for going above and beyond the call of duty and being flexible with policy in the name of common sense. Others won’t do much no matter how much of a fuss you raise. It can’t hurt to try if you feel you have been wronged by a site.

    The one time I got special treatment from a poker room was when I was selected to beta test the 888 poker RSA token. I received the offer via private message on TwoPlusTwo. The offer was based off of the fact I had posted constructive criticism in the Pokerstars Software Improvement thread.

    In addition to getting the token early, I also was exempted from having to spend ~$75 worth of FPPs for the device. Other players have successfully gotten account inactivity fees reduced by making a public discussion of the issue.

    If you have a problem, don’t hesitate to contact me, and even if I can’t help directly, I can advise you on the best course of action.

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