Isildur1 Loses $2.4 Million in One Day

Just as Isildur1 looked invincible, his hot streak came crashing down last night in one of the biggest sessions of the year against Patrik Antonius. Before Tuesdays marathon session Isildur1 seemed to be unbeatable and was up $6 million in just a few weeks! Antonius ended that run yesterday however, taking $2.9 million from Isildur1 over the course of a 9-hour session. Maybe he should have used a Titan Poker Bonus instead of getting slaughtered at Full Tilt.

It seems Isildur1 just can’t get enough of poker and when he was back at Full Tilt Poker on Tuesday there was no high-stake players around to play him, so instead of logging off he dropped to the $50/$100 PLO tables and sat with ‘Ugotabanana’, ‘SpiritRock’, ‘KObyTAPOUT’, and ‘harrington25′. He didn’t stay at these tables for long however because as soon as Patrik Antonius showed up they headed to the $500/$1000 PLO tables multi-tabling four to start with. In 45 minutes Isildur1 found himself down over $500,000 – but the worst was to come when Patrik Antonius won the largest pot in online poker history – a staggering $878,598.

Isildur, from The Lord of the Rings
Isildur1 was now down almost $1.5 million and it is well-known he prefers NLHE rather than PLO. Isildur1 then asked Antonius to change games and this is what the players said in the chat box:

Isildur1: can we play some nl now and change back to this later ?
Isildur1: i play u this game all f nights
Antonius: sry im done for nl for awhile
Isildur1: what a joke
Antonius: i’ve lost millions in that game this year
Isildur1: yeah and i lost same at this game
Isildur1: and i even play u here
Antonius: yeah but its not just u who have beaten me in nl
Isildur1: and i asked before we started
Antonius: its been pretty much everyone
Isildur1: ok n1 say before we can play nl to
Antonius: i will give u some action i promise
Antonius: maybe we should play HA
Isildur1: is there 510 ha ?
Antonius: y
Antonius: i have two tables
Isildur1: ok 2 of those and one nl, one plo ?
Antonius: thats fine
Antonius: give me 5min
Isildur1: k

Isildur1 was obviously unfamiliar with H/A when he agreed to this however, he must have thought it would be NLHE and PLO, instead both games are Pot-Limit and change every ten hands. Here is what the players then said in the chat box, Isildur1 was obviously suprised, but Antonius got exactly what he wanted from Isildur1 which gave him an edge.

Isildur1: its pot limit
Isildur1: lets just play 2 of each ?
Antonius: lets play two HA and one plo one nl
Isildur1: but ha is pot limit ?
Antonius: y
Isildur1: why cant we just play 2 of each ?
Antonius: if u dont like it its fine
Antonius: two of each is fine
Isildur1: ok 2 of each then

Isildur1 got what he wanted this time and Antonius agreed to two NLHE and two PLO tables, both at $500/$1000. Isildur1 was winning quite a few pots at NLHE, however Antonius was completely dominating the PLO action and at one table he had $1.1 million! Isildur1 was clearly getting frustrated at losing so much but that didn’t stop him he asked this:

Isildur1: want to add2 plo tables ?
Antonius: i can only play 4 at the time

Antonius clearly wasn’t going to let Isildur1 have an edge over him and sensed the Swede was on tilt. He made his feelings clear a few pots later when he was down $2.5 million to Antonius saying the following in the Full Tilt chat box:

Isildur1: This is a joke

Antonius then left the tables to have a meal and rest for 30 minutes. While he was gone Isildur1 went to war with CardRunners poker training instructor Brian Townsend. Townsend didn’t seem to have much luck against the Swede and quit the match $440,000 down. Throughout the match Isildur1 clearly knew he had an edge over Townsend and asked him for more tables to recoup his losses to Antonius:

Isildur1: i quit pat and play 6 tables if u want
Townsend: on laptop can only play 4

When Antonius was back and ready to play, Isildur1 was clearly unhappy with him because he wasn’t topping up his stack on the NLHE tables but was in the PLO games.

Isildur1: omaha u reload put in 200 bb right away
Isildur1: here u playing 30-50 and not reloading
Antonius: i dont like deep nl
Isildur1: no u just playing 1 million $ pots superdeep
Isildur1: and make great herocalls
Isildur1: i playing u deep in omaha so u could give some back
Antonius: the truth is
Antonius: that i suck in this game

After an epic 9 hour session both players quit the table:

Antonius: im done for today
Antonius: its late here
Antonius: play tomorrow if u want
Isildur1: k
Isildur1: gg
Antonius: gg

Antonius finished the session up $2.98 million, and Isildur1 finished down $2.54 million. Only time will tell about how Isildur1 can handle these massive swings, one thing which seems obvious however is that Antonius has an edge over him, but Isildur1 seems to have an edge over internet poker star Tom ‘durrrr’ Dwan. Stay tuned for the latest news on the best high stakes action.

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