Isildur1: The Conspiracy Theories

The Full Tilt Poker high stakes games have made all the headlines this week thanks to newcomer ‘Isildur1′. We wrote an article titled ‘Who Is Isildur1 on Full Tilt Poker?‘ and while some people believe us, there are an awful lot who are simply making stupid suggestions. In this article we just wanted to clarify a few things for you. (Among other things, we want to address the question “How did Viktor Blom build his bankroll?”

First, the reason we broke the news that Isildur1 is Viktor Blom, aka Blom90, is because our Swedish sources who are high stake cash game players, and friends of Blom90, have confirmed it is 100% him and that after spending so much time at the European sites playing the big games he wanted to try his skills at Full Tilt Poker. Of course, this has paid off and currently at the time of writing this he is up $5.6 million in just one week! This might come as a suprise to a lot of you, however Blom90 is well-known in Europe for his aggression and for his a habit of playing over his bankroll–which is what he has done at Full Tilt Poker–the difference this time is that he has crushed the games.

Of course, Full Tilt Poker knows who he is because of his account information, however we trust our sources and are 99% certain it is Blom90. Why not 100%? Well we are only taking peoples word that it is him, however these are popular high stake Swedish players who have been around for years and have connections with Viktor Blom.

Isildur, from The Lord of the Rings
Our sources also said that Viktor Blom has drastically improved in the past few months and has been crushing the high stake games in casinos as well as the European sites. Like we said in the original article, they admitted he had transformed into a new player.

However, he still has all the attributes of Blom90, such as:

Playing above his bankroll – Blom is well known for taking shots at high stake games without being sufficently rolled. If he would have busted on Full Tilt Poker he would have been back grinding at the European sites trying to build a bankroll again. (Of course, it is doubtful he will have to do this now, unless he goes on a $5 million downswing!)

Wants as many tables as possible – Blom was always asking opponents to play him at a minimum of 6 tables, and on the European sites he was well-known to sit out if players wouldn’t play more than six tables. He does this at Full Tilt Poker, wanting to play as many as possible.

Aggression – Blom first hit the headlines when he grinded from $2k to over $1 million and he did this through fearless aggression, exactly like Isildur1 on Full Tilt Poker. He will play anyone and at any stakes.

Of course, there are always going to be people who do not believe us, after all we are putting all our trust in Swedish players, however we trust them and certainly wouldn’t have published an article if we thought it was someome else.

Now for the really stupid theories that some people have.

Martonas: Just because both players location is Sweden doesn’t mean that it is the same player. Martonas was either Martin De Knjiff staking Jonas “Nebuchad” Danielsson, or else a joint account. One thing for certain is that both players have some involvement with the account. Martin (Mart) and Jonas (onas) = Martonas. Martonas also preffered to play 3-handed or more, unlike Isildur1 who wants heads-up action.

_Fullflush1_ : How anyone can think this we really don’t know. If you are any railbird at all you will know that Luke Schwartz has admitted he is NOT bankrolled to play the high stakes games. Plus Isildur1 is from Sweden so people thinking this really need to wake up – it is not Luke! Here is the video interview where he admits he is not bankrolled for the big games. You will also notice in the video that Luke refers to Viktor Blom as one of the best HU players in the world, and _Fullflush1_ doesn’t compliment people very often!!!

‘durrrr’ vs himself: Well we really do not know which theory is the most stupid but this certainly challenges to be the winner. People seem to think because Tom ‘durrrr’ Dwan signed as a member of Team Full Tilt that they have created the Isildur1 account to drum up attention. Of course this is rubbish and why on earth would durrrr who has been the poster boy of online poker for the last few years want to look like a loser and get crushed for millions in one week? Durrrr has millions and certainly doesn’t need a fake account for attention.

We will leave you to make up your own mind. Again we would like to stress our sources are Swedish high stakes players and we doubt they would claim it was their friend Viktor Blom if it wasn’t true. Lets hope he accepts the live durrrr challenge so we can all find out who he is for certain!

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