Macau, an administrative region of the PRC or People’s Republic of China lies on the delta of the River Pearl. The territory (which is a peninsula as well) is surrounded by the South China Sea, Hong Kong and Guangdong province at the northeast, east and south portion. The economy of this administrative territory depends mostly on gold trading, gambling and tourism, but some manufacturing business are also developing here.

Macau was mostly known as the Portuguese trade land earlier because Portuguese sailors invaded this areaz while trading in China, India and Japan. While continuing to trade in this land the Portuguese demanded for a separate senate but ultimately was provided with the permission to administrate some of its portions. In the year 1997, the territory was finally freed from the Portuguese ownership and became an administrative territory of the PRC. Finally, in the year 1999 the Chinese government assumed legal sovereignty over this otherwise Portuguese territory.

Popularity of Casinos in Macao

In this 21st century, this China-Portuguese territory is standing on the horizon of a new frontier as it has gained a special status in China where casino gaming or gambling is considered as legal. The territory is divided in a few cities and two of them have been developed particularly as casino cities. A total of 26 casinos and many other gambling facilities are available for visitors coming in these two cities. The casino strip in Macau is known as Cotai strip in particular. Casino and gambling facilities are also available in Taipei, a city adjacent to Macau.

The Sands Macau is one of the biggest casinos here that started operating in the city in the year 2004. In fact, it is the first United States owned casino, which is operating here successfully. Steve Wynn is both the owner and the operator of the casino. Services being provided by the casino owner went quite popular among native people and visitors as well and it was evident from the fact that the owners have been able to recoup the capital investment within the first year. Wynn-Macau is another popular casino that follows the western style of gambling mostly. It is being expected that by the coming year, the number of casinos in the Cotai strip will get almost doubled.

What is Special about The Casinos of Macau

With thousands of casino devotees, Macau is referred as the Las Vegas of Asia. It is the only place where you enjoy those grand parties, exciting and a bright sign, casinos, bars those neon-nightlights and many other heart-catching excitements throughout the year. Some of the most-visited casino spots in Macau are:

  • the Galaxy Rio Casino
  • the Sands Casino
  • Casino Lisboa

Baccarat is the most-known game, which is played in all these casinos. What is interesting about the Macau casinos is that these attract high rollers always and it is different from Las Vegas in this regard as Las Vegas casinos are mostly family oriented. As the casino can attract high rollers easily thus these play an important role in the financial and economical development of the territory.

The Sands Macau is larger than any other casinos in Macau and this casino is located in central Macau city. Some important features on this casino destination are:

  • There are more than 270 table games
  • The casino includes 405 slot machines
  • Poker games (video) are also available for visitors who like digital gambling

Among the 26 gambling destinations in Macau, most of them are core casinos but some pari-mutuel services are also there for visitors. Actually, these are legal casino destinations in Macau. Visitors even like the pari-mutuel because here they are provided with dog and horse racing tracks, which is another form of gambling, along with poker and table slots.

Latest News on Macau Casinos

According to official sources, the casino industry in Macau has delivered the second–highest monthly revenue this year and the experts are suggesting that there is no chance for this record to go down; rather this will increase with time. The total of 26 casinos operating in Macau collected near about $4.5 billion from the gamblers and the rate has increased by 18 percent, if compared to last year’s revenue rate. In fact it is being said that the way this market is developing, it will soon surpass popularity and earning-record of Las Vegas.

The Best Family Oriented Casino

However, most of the Macau casinos are crowded and people often visit here to challenge their destiny, but at present some new casinos are developing where the surrounding is quitter. Encore is the latest casino where people visit with families and play casino games just for the sake of playing but not win always. It is the only casino that includes lodging facility for visitors, have a huge spa, a gymnasium and other up scale facilities.

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