Poker strategy

Being able to fold a hand

You must learn to fold a hand to be a succesful player. Lets say you raise preflop with one of these hands AQ, AJ, AT, KQ, QJ, QT, JT. You make a standard raise and then get reraised by a player in later position.

You will generally fold all of these hands just listed. All of these hands become marginal at best and if you call the reraise it will only get you in trouble after the flop.

Now if you ever see the original raise get reraised and then there is another raise behind that one preflop, the only two hands you should call with in this situation would be KK and AA, every other hand in the deck you will fold instantly.

So think about it next time you open the pot with AJ and are facing a reraise behind you. What can you really beat here? Are we hoping that the player has AT? and even if he does, we are out of position for the rest of the hand in no-man’s land.

All of these hands mentioned are good raising hands, but not good enough to be calling reraises. Become a smarter better player by applying this to your game. You will be even more dangerous. We are getting better now .

Never play tired and always have confidence in yourself

You must have confidence to become a winner. Can you think of one good poker player who is scared and timid. You don’t have to be cocky or arrogant like some you see on TV are, but have a little swagger to yourself whenever you play the game. Just believe in yourself and have confidence in your game.

We don’t know about you guys but we don’t ever do well when I play tired. We recommend not to play this game tired. When you start to expect bad things to happen to you at the table – it sure seems like they do. Other times, when you are confident, you feel that you are going to win the race – and at those times it seems like you do. Now you could be exhausted and have little confidence in yourself and you could still win a coin flip – but dam – it sure seems like you never do, doesn’t it? So remember, be confident, carry a little swagger to the table with you and be well rested when you go to war.

Handling your emotions

It is very hard sometimes, but you must be able to control your emotions at the table guys. We see it all the time; somebody will lose a huge pot and still have chips to play with, yet they will go all in the very next hand and/or play terrible for the next several minutes and give away all their remaining chips – just because they have taken a bad beat.

This we know as tilt, and tilt can be a very big problem for many players. We must admit it the tilt monster does get to us at least sometimes. We know poker can make you sick at times, it can be really disgusting to you… but you know what?… there ain’t a damn thing you can do about it. You are going to get sucked out on and you’re going to take bad beats if you play this game.

A good thing to do after something bad happens at the table to you is this. Firstly, forget about it immediately, or try to anyway. Take a few hands off, sit out, take some deep breaths, do a few push-ups of whatever to get your anger out. Find something that works for you. You absolutely must learn to control your emotions after something bad happens to you. Getting this under control will greatly improve your results at the tables.”

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