Pokerstars VIP Club

Poker stars have been officially ranked as the best online site for online poker gaming based on almost any pokerstars review. This site makes it very useful for people to play poker online and no money is involved in most of the cases. There are of course places where you need to buy in gold coins, etc. actually using credit cards. However, if one refrains to use his cash, he can play without it. It is the greatest rewards and largest one in online poker. This site rewards its recurrent players well, and it was the first one to achieve this properly.

For those who play this online poker with real money win in terms of real money, and only them can participate in online competitions as well as qualify for main life events. They should use acode marketing pokerstars to get their sign up bonus. They can earn points while playing at their tables and can spend these easily by buying products at the pokerstars online store. However, there is still more on offer. Read below to get more facts and details.

There are two kinds of points awarded to players when they win on tables available in cash games only. These are frequent player points (FPP) and VIP player points (VPP). You can get more of these points as you play at the poker tables. Using these points, you can pay the entry fees of tournaments and take part in these tournaments. Win in such tournaments and accrue more points. This is the basic process of how pokerstars online gaming network works.

The points have different costs or fees. Earn these points by winning on the tables and get the points of your choices. Earning these points may also be dependent on the entry fees. VPPs are available at (5.5) VIP player’s points for one U.S dollar. Make sure to enter your pokerstars marketing code when you register.

For instance, if the entering fee of the tournament is eleven dollars. From these eleven you have ten dollars on the table, and one dollar goes as the entry fee. In addition, as each dollar costs (5.5) VIP player’s points, one will get VIP player’s points for the one dollar as a fee for entry. Usually tables have 8 players. The VIP points at such tables consist on a complete quantity of performers split in the hand and the total rake collected at the table. The entire VPPs for that hand are then distributed, likewise, among the players who were dealt into that hand.

Insignificant VIP player’s points would be granted in one percent. These rules are applied over all the tables, which have seven or less than seven seats. These are VPP rules that every player has to follow. The total rake collected as well as the number of players on the table also determines the VPPs. The game is very interesting, once you will be in. It is hard to take yourself out.

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