The diet of a poker player

If you aspire to play online poker actively or even to become a pro, then you must be in good shape. You will notice none of the top poker pros is obese or really fat (ok maybe the exception is Greg Raymer). Poker is a mind game, and all such games require a strong physic. If you consider chess for instance, here again there are very few overweight players at the top. Because the game requires a lot of focus and concentration, and if you get tired too fast (because you are unfit), then you have no chance.

So here is a recommended diet for power poker players. Do not try shortcuts and look for places where to buy garcinia cambogia to lose weight with natural supplements. Of course these can be helpful but it is much better to have a healthy well balanced diet in order to maintain a normal weight and a lot of stamina.

So here we go. Start breakfast with some green tea or decaf, as you do not need to get excited first thing in the morning. Eat some rye bread with nuts or dry fruit, with some seasonal fruit and some yogurt. If you do not have diabetes, then take some honey, which has anti-infectious properties. And make sure to chew well, which helps a better digestion and the full nutritional benefit of these ingredients.

For lunch some eggs for their proteins and vitamin D, some cabbage or broccoli, lentils rich in minerals. Eat some meat, but preferably chicken or lean pork. Favor spices versus salt. Finally take some cheese accompanied with bread, and a light desert, but not too sweet.

There is nothing wrong with snacks, if it is not junk food of course. In fact having small snacks and meals during the day is a good way to maintain a good body weight, as this will limit your food cravings. So a few nuts around 10:30 AM, and you got your morning snack. In the afternoon around 5:30 eat a fresh fruit, like an apple, a pear or a banana, which have potent antioxidant elements.

Finally it is diner time. Eat a soup and some vegetable, cooked or raw, like artichoke, black radish, and cucumber all rich in fibers. Add some shrimp or sardines, which have plenty of omega-3 oil. For desert take a fruit puree, some cottage cheese or some fresh apricots.

You may not be able to follow this diet when you are on the live poker tournament circuit, as the temptations from the hotel restaurants are hard to resist, given the stress of the day and peer pressure. But if you play a lot of online cash games or tournaments, it is much easier to follow the above advice. Of course these are not written in stone, but the closer you get to these guidelines, the healthier you will be. If you eat like we suggest in this article, you are guaranteed to not gain weight and to maintain a sharp laser-focused mind.

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