Who Is Isildur1 on Full Tilt Poker?

Swedish internet poker player ‘Isildur1′ on Full Tilt Poker has taken the high stakes games by storm in recent weeks since he has popped up to take shots at pokers biggest high stakes stars, but who is Isildur1? How has he done? We have the answer.

All roads point to Viktor Blom, a young player from Uddevalla in Sweden. He is an extremely well-known internet poker star in Sweden as well as Europe and has crushed the games across various poker sites playing under the alias ‘Blom90′.

Isildur, from The Lord of the Rings
He first shot to success after depositing a rumoured $2k on iPoker in January 2009 and played above his bankroll at the high stake sit and go’s, running that $2k into an astonishing $1.5 million in just a few weeks! He is then said to have withdrawn $300k to fund his other poker accounts, but he lost the remaining $1.2 million playing against Peter Jepsen. However, despite this story making all the poker headlines, Blom was a regular online player for a few years before this. Several of our sources have confirmed playing against Blom90 on PartyPoker in the mid-stakes sit and goes, and admitted he was crushing the games there and quickly moved up to the highest buy-ins. He has also played against several players we know at Cake Poker at the $0.25/$0.50 games, as well as on poker sites bet365, NoiQ, and also on PaddyPower Poker.

Only a few weeks after apparently busting to Peter Jepsen he was seen on Swedish poker site Svensa Spel playing $50/$100 Heads-Up. Many of the people we know who have followed Blom90’s rise to stardom have said he used to be a bad player and was far too aggressive, but have said he has suddenly improved drastically and is almost like a new player. And now our sources have said he pulled all his money together to take a shot on Full Tilt Poker against the high stakes action junkies.

Creating a Full Tilt Poker account and going as the name of ‘Isildur1′, Blom has stirred up some crazy high stakes action, including possibly the sickest session of high stakes action we have ever witnessed on Full Tilt Poker when he played heads-up NLHE and PLO against Tom ‘durrrr’ Dwan.

Despite having played against CardRunners poker training instructors Brian Hastings and Cole South, it was against ‘durrrr’ which really hit the headlines.

Blom is well-known for wanting to play as many tables as possible just like ‘durrrr’ and thats exactly what he got. The pair began playing $300/$600 NLHE, and after 582 hands Dwan was down $134,000, but the worst was to come. The pair quit the $300/$600 HU tables and took seats facing each other at the $500/$1000 tables. Not only did they play over 6,500 hands at NLHE but they also played over 100 at PLO – all at $500/$100.

It was ‘Isildur1′ who came out victorious however, winning a massive $1,263,000 from Tom Dwan. The largest hand of the session was worth $574,000 and the session saw over $30 million wagered!

Despite being $1,263,000 down, Dwan still wanted to play, and this was the chat which took place in the chat box:

Isildur1 Durrr Chat – Vicktor Blom and Tom Dwan Chat

Isildur1: ok im done i can hardly see my cards
durrrr: huh
durrrr: rly?
Isildur1: yes
durrrr: sweet
Isildur1: i play u every day
Isildur1: pls
durrrr: ok
Isildur1: im not running u
durrrr: lets play tomorrow
Isildur1: yupp
durrrr: will u quit
durrrr: if ur playing someone else
durrrr: to play me pls?
durrrr: u won 1.3m today
Isildur1: i will play till u quit
Isildur1: tomorrow
durrrr: ok

It will be exciting to see these pair play again, but with Tom Dwan becoming a Team Full Tilt member, he may be too busy for the next few days. Stay tuned to our news section and we will give you the latest details on these two action junkies.

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